Virginie Bales

Dietitian at

An accredited member of the French Association of Dieticians and Nutritionists which she was the Vice President for 4 years, Virginia is passionate about psychology and its impact on eating behaviours. Also an expert in nutrition coaching with a special interest in childhood obesity, Virginia specializes in the nutritional management of patients with renal failure and type I diabetes.

Recent posts from Virginie

breakfast petit déjeuner

Breakfast is really important…

September 4, 2015 No Comments

We already know that skipping breakfast is bad for weight, but now an American study reveals another repercussion: Researchers followed 26,902 men aged between 45 and 82, and working in the field of health, for this study that lasted from 1992 to 2008. The findings reveal that men who don’t have breakfast have 27% more […]

Mangez local, eat local

Eating organic food reduces your exposure to pesticides by 90%

September 18, 2014 No Comments

In 2006, the University of Washington conducted a study on 23 children who were made to follow an organic diet. After a few days, all traces of pesticides had disappeared from their urine. These traces quickly resurfaced at their original levels when they switched back to a traditional diet…

Protect Children from Childhood Obesity: Drink Water!

September 16, 2014 No Comments

Water is the only drink that is essential. In fact, our children’s bodies contain 60% water, several litres of which are eliminated daily through perspiration and urine primarily. So this elimination needs to be balanced. Eating food (especially fruits and vegetables) is of course one way of introducing water into the body, but the most […]

Children with GERD

Obesity in children

According to WHO (World Health Organization), obesity has doubled worldwide since the 1980s and now affects 35% of adults, and 7% of children. 30% of kids in America are obese as against 27% in Portugal and 15% in France. The governments of the most affected countries are trying implement measures designed to curb this explosion […]

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