Lose Weight While Having Enough Energy to Workout

Kathryn Adel December 22, 2020 ,

It can be difficult to lose weight while still having enough energy left to exercise. Here are five tips to help you reach your goals!


TOP 10: Easy and Delicious Fruit Compotes

Jeanne Dumouchel December 22, 2020 ,

Fruit compote is basically fruit cooked with a little juice or water which produces a syrupy fruit mixture (the French word compȏte meaning « mixture »). If your fruit is sour, you may add a little sugar, honey or maple syrup. For more flavor, you may add ginger, cinnamon, or another spice. Compote cooks quite quickly, enough for the fruit to release lots of juice while still holding their shape. It’s a simple way of turning summer bounty or stale or frozen fruit into something delicious. A good anti-waste solution! Besides il can be frozen to extend its shelf life even further. So enjoy the delicious taste of fruits and their health benefits with these 10 fruit compote recipes. (more…)

Don’t Have Time for Physical Activity?

Federation des kinesiologues du Quebec December 22, 2020 ,

Numerous studies that have examined the motivations and obstacles to participating in regular physical activity point to a lack of time as the main reason people report for their difficulty in adopting a more active lifestyle. Although the perceptions of these individuals are quite real, a more in-depth analysis shows that inactive people are more likely experiencing personal obstacles to the practice of physical activity such as a lack of motivation, energy, skills or interest in exercise.


Physical Activity, a Natural Prescription for Mental Health

Federation des kinesiologues du Quebec December 14, 2020 ,

It is no longer a secret to anyone; the pandemic can have a negative impact on mental health. Human beings are not designed to be constantly alert, to live in unpredictability, or to be isolated from their peers.

If you are reading this and are lacking in energy, motivation, or are having a difficult time, your kinesiologist can help!


FODMAP L'épicerie

Radio-Canada’s Report on FODMAP

Cinzia Cuneo December 8, 2020 , , ,

Researchers on Radio-Canada’s L’Épicerie show* noted the growing presence in the food industry of food products labelled with a “low-FODMAP” label. Knowing SOSCuisine’s expertise on the issue, they approached us to help explain what this means in their November 11th broadcast report.


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