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About our Partnership

The collaboration between HealthA-Z and aims to help you to eat better.

Through this strategic collaboration of shared expertise and cross-referral, you can access reliable information on health, fitness and well-being on the website You can also benefit from efficient and personalized nutritional programs, produced by nutrition experts, and other useful tools that allow you to adopt a healthy diet every day on the website

About Health A-Z

Health A-Z is a website which provides useful, credible, objective and independent information about health subjects that matter to you, so that you can prevent from being ill and help you to acquire healthy lifestyles.

Their editorial staff is dedicated to being as objective as possible. They present you factual information based on different approaches, without dictating any particular behavior: The reader is the unique decision maker. Collaborating with famous health experts, they assure a strict control of the quality in order to provide a reliable content. aspires to being the Canadian website providing health information the most visited. You may find contents about:

  • Daily news, folders, interviews about health;
  • Reference sheets on diseases, on foods, on natural health products and on alternative medicine;
  • Healthy recipes;
  • Our health experts'advices;
  • Tests and quizzes;
  • Blogs;
  • Podcasts and videos;