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About our Partnership

Cœliaque Quebec chose SOSCuisine as nutrition partner, to more effectively help those affected by these diseases to improve their condition through a gluten-free diet.

Through this strategic collaborative sharing of expertise, these individuals have access to:

Edith Lalanne

Coeliaque Quebec has decided to partner with SOS Cuisine because their service offering can be of great help to all those whose medical condition calls for dietary restrictions – be it gluten only, gluten and lactose, or many other combinations – while ensuring there will be no nutritional deficiencies.

At this time of frenzy, SOS Cuisine is an attractive option to help us plan a variety of meals based on our needs and preferences. With SOS Cuisine, one gets recipe suggestions in the form of a personalized weekly menu vetted by registered dietitians. And the cherry on the cake is that these menus are made each week to make the most of the items on sale at local supermarkets.

SOS Cuisine, a great tool for those wishing to plan their meals!

Edith Lalanne
Executive Director, Coeliaque Quebec

As part of this partnership, is pleased to offer members of Coeliaque Quebec the following discount:

20 % for the monthly subscription to the PREMIUM service -> 7,95 $/month instead of ?/month
30 % for the yearly subscription to the PREMIUM service -> 66,95 $/year instead of ?/year

To receive this benefit, members must apply the Coeliaque Quebec promo code before subscribing.

About Coeliaque Quebec

As Canada’s leading source for reliable and evidence-based information, Coeliaque Quebec is committed to inform, support and advise people struggling with celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and gluten ataxia.

Coeliac Quebec is present in all regions of Quebec and, since its inception in 1983, over 15,000 people have benefited from its services.

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