The Low-FODMAP Solution Put an end to IBS symptoms and abdominal pain

The low-FODMAP Solution

Over 200,000 people already benefited from this diet!

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Do you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome? This book is for you!

Low-FODMAP Diet: Understand how to use it

3 Weeks of Meal Plans: 100 easy, delicious recipes

Symptoms gone: Goodbye pain, bloating, and gas

Digestive tract: Regular

The low-FODMAP diet is the only diet that is proven to significantly reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Indeed, research has shown that the low-FODMAP diet is effective in 75% of cases! Our low-FODMAP program can benefit people with irritable bowel syndrome, celiacs, and patients with inflammatory bowel disease who have functional digestive symptoms.

Our book, The Low-FODMAP Solution will help you to understand and integrate a low-FODMAP diet simply and easily. In a few weeks, you’ll feel better and will have said goodbye to bloating, cramps, diarrhea, constipation and gas!

The first part of this book will explain what FODMAPs are – difficult to digest sugars in wheat, milk, beans, soy, some fruits, vegetables and sweeteners – and will give you the basics to understand the logic of the diet and its application process. The second part is practical, with meal plans and 100 recipes, to help you stick to a low-FODMAP diet with confidence.


A natural and concrete way to say goodbye to abdominal pain!

  • Bloating, cramps, and irritable colon eliminated thanks to low-FOMDAP ingredients
  • 200,000 people have already found success with the effectiveness of this method
  • 100 easy and delicious recipes, inspired by Mediterranean cuisine
  • 3 Weeks of low-FODMAP meal plans
  • Detachable memory aids of low-FODMAP and high-FODMAP foods

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DUX 2017 Prize
Nutrition team and Cinzia Cuneo

The Authors

Cinzia Cuneo and the SOSCuisine nutrition team de SOSCuisine have used their multidisciplinary skills to help you adopt a low-FODMAP diet with ease. Thanks to clear explanations, simple meal plans, and easy recipes contained in the book, it is easy to say goodbye to intestinal cramps, bloating, diarrhea and excess gas.


Why have 200,000 already found success with the low-FODMAP diet?

Andréanne L., Toronto, Canada

I had fewer syptoms in the first week

“The menus work very well for me, they are easy to follow, I have a grocery list and simple and quick recipes. The whole family loves it. My pain decreased in the first week. If I don’t stray from the meal plan, I do very well. Congratulations on your initiative!”

Andréanne L.

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