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Our PLUS Plan gives you all the tools you need to tell the TRUE bargains from the rest in the Grocery Flyers, and to MAKE THE MOST of these bargains the SMART way

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Here’s the 4 killer tools included in our PLUS plan:

grocery Flyer Wizard

Grocery Flyers Wizard

> to tell the TRUE bargains from the rest!

We parse all supermarket flyers for you, and much more…

Recipe Deals Finder

> to benefit from SEVERAL ingredient bargains in the same recipe!

See each week which recipes are super great deals at your preferred supermarkets
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GPC Grocery Price Checker GB

Grocery Price Checker

> to avoid being TAKEN FOR A RIDE!

Check whether a price is a good or a bad deal, for your location and time of checking

Smart Grocery List

> to MAXIMISE your savings week after week!

Choose between minimum cost or maximum value.
grocery List

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CBC Radio-Canada’s National TV show “L’Épicerie” featured us 11 times over the years!

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I just feel compelled to congratulate you on this AMAZING website!

After discovering this web site last week through a random Google recipe search, I just feel compelled to congratulate you on this AMAZING site! This is without a doubt the smartest, most practical and most enjoyable recipe site I have ever encountered!

I have been searching for years for a site that combines recipes and meeal plans with the weekly flyer specials from local supermarkets and you did it! This is brilliant! Once again, congratulations and keep up the great work.

– C. M. (Anjou, QC, Canada)

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WIN everytime at the Grocery Flyer Specials game!

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