Épices arômes, diète faible en FODMAP, Spices, flavours, low-FODMAP diet

Spices, flavours and a low-FODMAP diet

Jennifer Morzier April 6, 2021 ,

Thanks to the Monash University testing performed on the *FODMAP content of many foods, we know which ones to avoid and those we can consume in moderation. It is therefore easy to know what quantity of quinoa, almonds, broccoli or onions you can eat (or not) when following a low-FODMAP diet. What becomes more complicated is when you need to examine processed or ultra-processed food products. In this article we help you to understand what to do if the product in question mentions “spices” or “natural flavours” or “artificial flavours” in their list of ingredients.


TOP 10: Simple and Easy Carrot Recipes

Jeanne Dumouchel March 17, 2021 , , , ,

Carrot is an economical vegetable in addition to being very versatile: it can be enjoyed from starter to dessert and both raw and cooked. It is an excellent source of vitamin A which plays an important role in particular for vision. Carrots are usually sold in large quantities and can be found year round. They can be stored for quite a long time. Here we offer you 10 simple and easy carrot recipes!


food waste kitchen fridge

5 Tips to Reduce Food Waste in the Kitchen

Cinzia Cuneo March 16, 2021 ,

Do you ever throw away a lot of food when you clean the fridge and pantry? Especially fruits, vegetables and almost full jars that have been forgotten at the bottom of the fridge? Here are 5 tips to help you dramatically reduce food waste and save you money at the same time.



Top 7 Irish Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

Emilie Zaoré March 9, 2021 , ,

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, time to celebrate Ireland and its culture! Whether you are the type to wear green clothes and shamrock accessories or the type to relax with a pint of cider or ale, this is your chance to experience warm Irish cuisine.

Here you will find our seven best Irish recipes, from traditional dishes to revisited classics.


chrono nutrition

Chrononutrition: to Eat According to Your Biological Clock

Jennifer Morzier March 9, 2021 ,

Have you ever heard of Chrononutrition?

Developed in 1986 by Jean-Robert Rapin, a professor of pharmacology, and doctor-nutritionist Alain Delabos, chrononutrition is a diet adapted to the biological clock of individuals. Thus, what we eat, and when we eat it, would be just as important.


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