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Who we are is an online nutritional therapy platform based on the most recent scientific evidence, accessible either in self-service or with one-on-one consults with a registered dietitian.

Meal plans adapted to some thirty different needs and situations, including several medical conditions, are offered. All of them are fully personalized according to individual preferences and make the most of fresh local products. In Canada, they also make the most from items on sale in supermarket flyers.

These meal plans are an effective adjunct to primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of several medical conditions. They are designed, validated and kept up to date by our internal team of dietitians.

In operation since 2005, the platform stands out from all other resources for being prescribed by the University of Montréal Health Center (CHUM), the Montreal Heart Institute, and the Association of Francophone Doctors of Canada, in addition to being recommended by individual physicians and registered dietitians.

Our services

Our services are explicitly recommended or prescribed to their patients by many healthcare organisations, among which the Preventive Cardiology Clinic of the University of Montreal Health Center (CHUM) since 2012, The Epic Centre of the Montreal Heart Institute and Médecins francophones du Canada since 2014, etc.

Two service levels are offered : VIP and PREMIUM, respectively with and without the one-on-one support of a Registered Dietitian.


  • Remote consultations with a Registered Dietitian (since 2010)
  • HIPAA-compliant vidéoconferencing platform and secure protocols as per best practices
  • Notes to the patient's medical record transmitted to the referring physician
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Articles, Conferences, CPD Training


Technical articles written by our dietitians, meant for physicians and healthcare professionals. Examples of topics:
A2 milk, allergies and intolerances, alzheimer, anti-coagulants, breastfeeding, celiac disease, choline, collagen, constipation, diabetes, diverticular disease, fasting, fatty liver (NAFLD), fibromyalgia, food guide, gout, histamine, hypothyroidism, irritable bowel syndrome, ketogenic diet, LCHF diet, lectins, longevity, low fodmap diet, microbiome, migraine, nephrolithiasis, nutrition, osteoporosis, pediatric diet, prebiotics, pregnancy, renal lithiasis, soy, sports, stress, sulphites, veganism, vegetarianism, weight loss.
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We offer conferences to different audiences such as physicians, healthcare professionals, corporations, etc:
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CPD Training

We offer physicians and healthcare professionals Continuing Professional Development training on several evidence-based dietary interventions.
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For any question about our services, don't hesitate to contact us:
Tel: +1 514 564-0971
Email: [email protected].
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Evidence-based personalized meal plans


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