Centre médico-sportif Axis


About our Partnership

The Centre médico-sportif Axis (Axis Medical Fitness Center) has concluded a partnership with SOSCuisine, allowing its patients to benefit from the specialized meal planning service developed and operated by SOSCuisine. The Axis Centre’s medical team systematically prescribes to their patients personalized meal plans that are adapted to their medical conditions (hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, diabetes, etc.). In this way, the Axis Center concretely helps its clientele to improve their lifestyles by offering them a path towards overall well-being, both physical and psychological.

Dre. Anne-Isabelle Dionne

Throughout their program, we aim for our participants to develop healthy lifestyle habits, including following a balanced diet adapted to their medical condition. Food planning is still their number 1 challenge, which includes finding recipes, meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparing their meals. Thanks to the “Heart Healthy” meal plans offered by SOSCuisine, it’s so much easier for our patients to follow our dietitians’ advice. Each week they receive their personalised meal plan adapted to their medical conditions, tastes and allergies, which greatly helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer such a service to our patients!

Dr. Anne-Isabelle Dionne, MD
Co-founder and director of Axis Medical Fitness Center


About Axis Medical Fitness Center

The Axis Medical Fitness Center supports people who have suffered a heart attack or are suffering from a heart disease, by making them adopt new healthy lifestyles. In practice, these patients take part in a free, 12-week multidisciplinary program, with the assistance of a physician, a kinesiologist, a dietitian and a psychologist. Open since January 2018, this cardiovascular rehabilitation center has welcomed to date hundreds of people. The program offered to CISSS Montérégie-Est patients includes: three meetings with a dietitian, three two-hour educational workshops in nutrition, twice a week physical training sessions under the supervision of kinesiologists specialized in cardiovascular rehabilitation, a four-hour workshop on stress management and mindfulness meditation with a psychologist, and medical follow-ups.

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