Quebec Kinesiologists Federation (FKQ)

Quebec Kinesiologists Federation

About our Partnership

Since June 2020, SOSCuisine is Official Nutrition Partner of the Quebec Kinesiologists Federation (FKQ). Our agreement will enable the 1,100 accredited kinesiologist members to discover the multiple services and features of the SOSCuisine platform, as a concrete means to help their clients optimize their diet according to their personal needs and specific objectives. The agreement also provides for the exchange of quality content relating to healthy food and sports nutrition, as well as physical activity.

The FKQ’s decision was made easier by the fact that SOSCuisine offers around thirty specialized meal plans for various medical and non-medical conditions, and that the service is already recommended by several prestigious organizations in the health sector.

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Valérie Lucia, Executive Director

Although everyone eats, nutrition is not child’s play. This is why our kinesiologists, who are movement professionals and experts in physical activity, recognize the importance of referring to nutritionists/dieticians when it comes to advising their clients in terms of their diet and nutrition.

It is with enthusiasm that the Federation is working with SOSCuisine to allow its members to refer to the interactive platform in order to help clients who wish to be advised on healthy nutrition habits. With varied menus that are tailored to different types of clients, SOSCuisine’s tools are a rewarding way for a kinesiologist to enrich their client’s experience with recommendations provided by nutritional experts.

In exchange, SOSCuisine members will have the chance to get even more sound advice through articles related to physical activity because moving is good, but moving well is better!

Valérie Lucia
Executive Director


About the Quebec Kinesiologists Federation (FKQ)

In activity for more than 30 years, the Quebec Kinesiologists Federation (FKQ) is the official body that brings together Quebec kinesiologists. Through the provision of value-added services to its members and the promotion of their interests, the Federation aims to having kinesiologists recognized as health professionals, specializing in physical activity, who use movement for prevention, treatment and performance optimization. Its mission also includes ensuring that its members meet high professional standards, through a system of accreditation and continuing education, as well as protecting the general public.

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