5 tips for a newbie runner

July 15, 2014

Be proud of yourself

All too often, I hear runners comparing themselves to others “I run slower. I am bigger. I am more breathless. I have smaller legs. I only run 5 km… And so on!” Applaud the person you are. Going running is a very personal journey. For example, if you want to walk more than run, it’s quite alright… It is totally your choice. Remember that you are outdoors running around… It’s already marvellous!

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The clothes do not make the runner

Buying all the last brands and specialized digital gadgets is not going to make you run more easily or more quickly. Don’t throw yourself into technical garments, expert training and GPS watches in the first few weeks. Running is actually a sport for everyone… Deep pockets don’t necessarily mean that your goal will be achieved!

All you need for running is just a road or trail, a progressive programme, shoes and a comfortable sports outfit. Et voilà!

Running technique

When I coach runners in private or conduct workshops on running, people always ask me the following question: “Is my technique good?” I really have a hard time answering this question. There is a difference between a “beautiful” and “good” running technique.

  • A beautiful running technique is visually pleasing for the coach or physiotherapist.
  • A good running technique is effective and allows you to avoid injury.

On the other hand a rate of 170 to 190 steps per minute has a protective effect. The technique is often adequate when the rate is higher!

Track your progress

During the first weeks, keep track of your progress in a journal in order to set goals based on what you want to achieve.

Writing this journal will help you remember the early stages of your personal journey. It is important for you to remember the first time you ran. There will be days when you feel like you are running like a gazelle and others when you’re soaking with sweat and you only notice your breathlessness and pain: you’ll enjoy your journal now! In any case, take your time, don’t panic… Running will quickly become an addiction!

You’ll go further in a group

Join a running club or just form a group with your friends. Make sure you choose the right people: runners who are at the same stage as you or who are a little above your normal pace “if you like challenges”. You’ll see a positive impact on your development and your motivation!


Annie D’Amours
Annie D'Amours, a preventive health expert and personal trainer, is interested in all aspects of physical and psychological health for women. Since 2010, she has helped her clients to adopt healthy lifestyles to be in better physical and psychological health. She takes client satisfaction much to heart, which is why she takes a completely personalised approach.

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