Take the Time to Eat in 5 Easy Steps

February 17, 2020 ,

Sitting at the table and taking the time to eat is essential to increasing your health! It is important to stop your other activities, and to sit at the table for the meal, in order to fully enjoy the flavors and benefits of your food. In addition, it allows you to become more aware of the portions you are ingesting and to adapt the quantities depending on your needs.

Researchers say that the satiety signal our brain sends us takes 15 to 20 minutes to arrive. However, if you finish your plate too quickly, this signal will come too late, as you will have already finished eating. By giving oneself 25 to 30 minutes for your meals, you’ll be able to feel this fulness during your meal, helping you not to overeat. In addition, eating too quickly can make your digestive problems worse. Chewing and feeling calm are two factors that improve digestion.

But what if you’re used to eating your meals quickly or on the go? Here are 5 tips to help you learn to eat slower:

  1. Put your fork down between each bite: This way you take the time to chew, enjoy your food, and ask yourself if you’re still hungry!
  2. Chew your food: If you really want to learn to eat slowly, you’ll have to learn to chew your food well. You can take the opportunity to enjoy and unravel each bite: the texture, flavor, temperature and taste of each bite. Each bite will become a discovery and you will start thinking as a food connoisseur while savoring your meal.
  3. Put harder foods on your plate: It’s not easy to chew your food when you are eating a smoothie, soup or sauce, but if you start the meal with raw vegetables, you’re going to be forced to chew properly. In addition, since they contain fibers, you will begin to feel partially full.
  4. Drink water: Not only is it essential to drink enough water each day, but drinking during your meal is another trick to help you learn to eat more slowly, because water, like fiber, gives you the impression of being partially full.
  5. Share the meal: If you eat as a family all together, instead of eating solo in front of the TV, you’ll take the time to converse together and since one usually doesn’t talk with their mouth full, you’ll need to put your fork down several times during the meal.


Cinzia Cuneo
Cinzia Cuneo, founder of SOSCuisine.com, never wanted to neglect the quality of her food. She shares her special expertise to make good food quickly and without complications!

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