Little chefs can cook (with your help)

July 19, 2014 ,

Children should start by learning basic cooking skills and build their way up. Use these age-specific guidelines to help your little chef succeed in the kitchen.

Don’t forget to go over safety rules and explain what they can and cannot touch. It’s also important to show them how to safely use equipment.

Children ages 2-3 years can:

  • wash fruit and vegetables
  • count ingredients
  • add ingredients to a bowl
  • put paper liners into muffin tins

Children ages 3-4 years can:

  • pour from measuring cups
  • mix ingredients in a bowl
  • help make a simple sandwich or pizza
  • help gather ingredients
  • mash sweet potatoes or bananas

Children ages 4-6 years can:

  • stir ingredients together (muffins, pancakes, sauces)
  • slice cooked vegetables, soft fruit, cheese, or tofu with a plastic knife
  • set the table
  • crack and beat an egg


Children ages 6 to 8 years can:

  • use basic kitchen equipment such as a blender or can opener
  • toss salad ingredients together with salad dressing
  • create a smoothie
  • make a simple breakfast like whole grain cereal, frozen berries, and milk

Children ages 8 to 11 years can:

  • use a knife to chop cooked meat, easy-to-grip vegetables and fruit, cheese, tofu, and bread
  • make and pack their school lunch
  • make a fresh veggie or fruit platter to go with dinner
  • use the microwave and stove, with your help

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