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Selma, Proud Member of the SOSCuisine Technical Team

August 2, 2021

Many of you have been curious to learn more about the SOSCuisine technical team. Behind the website, recipes, newsletter and professional services, there is a multitude of talent and expertise to inspire you and help you to eat better.  This week, we to introduce to you Selma, an IT developer at SOSCuisine.

How did your interest in IT come about?

I have always loved the field of computer science. I like the process of building a website, step by step. It’s kind of like my baby, actually! So it was only natural for me to pursue studies in the field. I followed a five-year curriculum: three years of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, followed by two years of a master’s degree in software engineering. I graduated in 2019. I then completed two internships, as well as worked for a small French company located in Tunisia, which is where I live.

Even today, I continue to take computer training classes to continue learning and stay up to date in my knowledge.

How did you end up in the technical team of SOSCuisine?

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic upheavals, I lost my job with the French company. In addition, I was pregnant at the time. So it was difficult, if not impossible, to find another job. I was discouraged, but I didn’t give up! I continued to take training courses and helped students with their graduation projects. It allowed me to stay up to date on the different practices in the field. After taking the time to relax a little,  I started looking for work again. That’s when I saw the job offer from SOSCuisine, which sounded very interesting. So, I sent in my resumé and passed the technical tests with good results. After a few days, I got the job.

I am very happy to have joined a qualified technical team like SOSCuisine. I continue to learn a lot, and our team is like a family: everyone is taken into consideration and appreciated.

What do your days and tasks look like?

Every day we have a meeting between members of the SOSCuisine technical team. We divide tasks, we discuss our progress and developments, etc. It helps us to work as a team and achieve our goals. At the moment, I am working more specifically on the visibility of our site so that people who are looking for services like ours can easily find us. I am also working on the optimization of SOSCuisine so that our site can be found at the top of the list on search engines.

What are your challenges as a developer for SOSCuisine?

There are many! As a developer, it’s not easy to work on a site or application that has been developed by others. I jumped on a train that is already running, so I have to make sure I know the site and how it functions very well. What’s great is that it gives me ideas and understanding to develop new techniques.

In addition, in my case, there was an additional challenge: getting used to the Quebecois accent (laughs)! Over time, I have adapted well.

Selma in the kitchen

If I were a food, I would be … a Pizza. I love all types of pizza.

My culinary specialty is … Pasta. I make very good spaghetti. I think I have an Italian palate!

In my kitchen, I avoid … coconut oil type fats. I prefer olive oil.

My preferred SOSCuisine recipe … the Quick Spinach “Quiche”

Quick Spinach "Quiche" - SOSCuisine technical team

Quick Spinach “Quiche”


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