Top 10 Recipes Under One Dollar per Serving

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It seems like every year our grocery bill goes up, making it harder and harder to find nutritious, balanced meals that suit the whole family. Most of us know how to shop for cheap food – rice, beans, potatoes, eggs, etc. – but how many of us know how to transform those ingredients into great, flavourful meals? Luckily, SOSCuisine has a ton of recipes for people on a budget, though you’d never suspect that these great dishes are all under one dollar per serving!

Here are our top ten recipes under one dollar per serving!

10. Scalloped Potatoes ($0.62/serving)

Scalloped potatoes

Creamy, delicious, and great to make in bulk for lunch leftovers!

Our first entry comes in at only $0.62/serving and it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. Scalloped potatoes are a classic dish and besides being easy on the wallet, they’re extremely easy to make! Once you’ve mastered the dish, keep an eye out for specials on cheese and even ham to add something extra!

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9. Chickpea Muffins ($0.29/serving)

Chickpea Muffins

A delicate orange flavour sets these apart!

Muffins are generally a great way to use up fruits and even certain veggies before they start to turn, but these Chickpea Muffins are a welcome departure. Not too sweet and full of exotic flavours like cardamom, these muffins make a great, healthy snack. At only 170 calories per serving and packed with nutrients, they’re proof that you really can eat well on a budget.

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8. Russian Italian Salad ($0.94/serving)

Russian-Italian Salad

In Italy it’s called « Insalata russa » while in Russia it’s known as « Italian salad », but apparently its origin is French?

A great potato salad is nothing to sneeze at. It keeps well in the fridge and you can always add or leave out any ingredients you like or dislike (or are on special!). This particular salad has strange origins, since it’s neither Italian nor Russian, but French. It’s great on its own for lunch or as a side dish.

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7. Bruschetta with Tomatoes ($0.24/serving)

bruschetta with tomato

An Italian classic!

Like sushi, bruschetta has become a misnomer outside its country of origin. Traditional bruschetta refers to the garlicky, grilled bread, not the tomato topping! (For those wondering, sushi refers to the rice only). Even so, it’s a great snack since it’s fast, easy, and wallet-friendly.

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