What Type of Weight-Loss Meal Plan Is Best for Me?

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Well, that’s it: You’ve decided to take charge of your health and you’ve chosen to use SOSCuisine’s services to help you change your eating habits. But you might be wondering: what type of meal plan is best for me and my needs? We’re about to give you some guidance to help you choose.

Stop eating junk food and start cooking

Before you even adopt good eating habits, you’ll have to start by giving up the bad ones. It is important to stop consuming ultra-processed foods and sugary drinks. You’ll also have to make a resolution to cook more meals for yourself. If you cook from fresh, unprocessed foods, you won’t be able to consume too much fat, sugar or salt without being aware of it. All of the meal plans offered by SOSCuisine will help you in this direction, as they are all composed of simple recipes with easy-to-find ingredients. So, if you don’t have a particular health goal (i.e. fighting diabetes, losing weight, reducing reflux, relieving constipation etc.) and you just want to eat better, you may as well choose the Healthy meal plan (if you eat almost everything), or one of our Vegetarian meal plans or the Vegan meal plan, depending on your dietary preferences.

Choose the right weight loss program based on your condition and goals

  • You have some extra weight that you want to lose, whether as a result of pregnancy, menopause, taking medications, or has been accumulated over a fairly long period of time
  • You have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes
  • You have high blood pressure and/or blood parameters to improve
  • You suffer from joint pain aggravated by the excess weight on your joints.

In all these cases, the program “Mediterranean weight-loss” will help you lose the weight with well-balanced meals, rich in vegetables, with enough protein and fiber to make you feel full.

If you have ever tried to lose weight and have experienced the yo-yo effect using traditional methods, or would like to try another method to properly manage your diabetes, you might consider a low-carb diet. To help you in this process, you are offered either the program LCHF” (Low Carb High Fat), also known as “liberal Ketogenic”, or the program strict Ketogenic.

The LCHF diet offers balanced meals, without refined carbohydrates and is quite rich in good fats (nuts, seeds, oils, avocado). One can follow this program with no risk of nutritional deficiencies.

If you are interested in the strict Ketogenic diet, be aware that it offers very few fruits, no grain products and no legumes, the variety of vegetables is limited and a large amount of good fats (nuts, seeds, oils, avocado) are consumed. Following the ketogenic diet of SOSCuisine helps to minimize the problems normally encountered with this diet (ex: constipation), but if you have a health condition, it is nevertheless imperative to verify with your doctor the possibility to follow it, because the ketogenic diet implies a drastic change that can, among other things, affect the dosage of your medications.

Follow a program with professional support

To increase your chances of success and especially if you have several health problems, you might consider the VIP service with a specialized dietitian dedicated to you, who will guide you and customize your diet.

Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask us.

SOSCuisine’s Nutrition Team



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