Common Allergies: Mustard, Eggs, Soy

23 May, 2017 ,



Eggs are an allergen that are particularly difficult to avoid. Not only are eggs heavily processed and used in just about everything from food to cosmetics, you may be allergic to either to yolk, the whites, or both.

How to avoid them:

Since eggs have a variety of industrial applications, an egg allergy can be especially dangerous. Food Allergy Canada lists these other names for eggs:

  • Albumin/Albumen
  • Conalbumin
  • Egg substitutes such as Egg BeatersTM
  • Eggnog
  • Globulin
  • Livetin
  • Lysozyme
  • Meringue
  • Ovalbumin
  • Ovoglobulin
  • Ovolactohydrolyze proteins
  • Ovomacroglobulin
  • Ovomucin, ovomucoid
  • Ovotransferrin
  • Ovovitellin
  • Silico-albuminate
  • Simplesse® (fat replacer)
  • Vitellin

Those allergic to eggs may also know that lecithin can be derived from egg yolk. However, it can also be derived from plant (often soy, which we’ll talk about next) and other animal sources. It should be monitored, but in general, it is safe to consume even with an allergy since in processing, the proteins responsible for the allergy are removed. However, if you are at all concerned, you can always speak to an allergist.

Eggs are also used in the production of anaesthetic, some vaccines, and some medications. If you are allergic to eggs, it is important to let both your doctor and your pharmacist know so that they can prescribe you appropriate medications.

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