Common Allergies: Mustard, Eggs, Soy

23 May, 2017 ,



Soy, is one of the largest crops in the world alongside corn and wheat. And exactly like corn and wheat, it is in everything. Many people are familiar with obvious soy products, like tofu, soy sauce, edamame, and tempeh, but soy has become much more over the past century. It’s an incredibly versatile legume thanks to its fat content, but that’s not good news for those who are allergic.

How to avoid it:

Being allergic to soy is not fun. Apart from the obvious, it means reading every single label. The easiest way to avoid an allergic reaction to soy is really to use fresh, unprocessed ingredients as much as possible. Soy products are used as emulsifiers, stabilisers, fillers, flavourings, and just about every other thing you could possible imagine, but mostly as a replacement for higher quality ingredients. That means buying real, whole food can give anybody with an allergy a leg up.

It may seem more difficult for vegetarians, who may think they need to rely on soy products for protein but there are many other legumes, nuts, and seeds that can provide that protein. You can be vegetarian or even vegan without soy. We have nearly 600 vegetarian soy-free recipes to choose from.

Soy can also be found in non-food items like cosmetics, craft supplies, glycerine, and even candles. If you do have an adverse reaction to a non-food item, stop using the product and try to isolate which ingredient you reacted to so that you can watch out for it in the future.

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SOSCuisine: Smart Vegetarian Meal Plans

Always remember to carry any medication you might need if you have severe food allergies. Remember to consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. To close out the month, we’ll look at nuts, fish and seafood, and sesame.


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